Tarland and Mid Deeside Community First Responders

local volunteers helping save lives in our community

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Who are we?

We were formed in 2006 and are a charitable volunteer group within Mid Deeside covering: Tarland, Aboyne, Kincardine O'Neil, Lumphanan, Dinnet and Logie Coldstone. We are called by the ambulance emergency control alongside the ambulance and often reach the casualty quicker as we are local.

We currently operate for as many hours a week as we can but need more volunteers to be able to provide a more continuous service.

What do we do?

We respond to emergency calls for cardio and respiratory complaints as well as other medical emergencies. We are dispatched in the same way as ambulances and are trained and equipped to sustain a casualty until an ambulance crew is on the scene.

What we would like.

We would like the help of any member of the community (over 18) who has a clean driving license and has some spare time to assist in providing this life saving cover to our rural community.

But I have no medical training…

All of our volunteers attend a four day training course, usually over two weekends run by the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS). They are also required to attend monthly training sessions in Tarland to keep skill levels up. We are also regularly assessed by the SAS in how to operate a semi-automatic defibrillator, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, casualty management and oxygen therapy.

I can't stand blood…

First Responders are not dispatched to trauma calls such as road traffic accidents, however, we may still have to deal with blood eg. a bleeding nose or minor cuts. Even though you may think you aren't good with blood, it's possible that once you are trained in how to deal with such cases, you will be able to cope.

What if someone tries to sue me for helping?

We are supported by the Scottish Ambulance Service and have to adhere to the training they provide so are therefore indemnified through their insurance.

How do I find out more?

If you got this far, well done and if you want to find out more about being a First Responder. click here Please send an email to nrrdadmin@nhs.net for more information about becoming a Community First Responder in this area. You can also contact the Co-ordinator here